Blessing of the animals in Georgetown

Spring parade in Lexington

Blue Licks State Park Trek in Carlisle 

       Kentucky Llama and Alpaca Association

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Welcome to KY Llama and Alpaca Association's website often called KLAA. Consider our group if you are a camelid (llama & alpaca) enthusiast. Owners, past or present accompanied with friends will trek, or  do parades with KLAA.  We are a non-profit club originally formed in the 1970's. Today we are comprised of several farms in Kentucky. Many new people have come over the years and lots of changes have happened over time. The main goal was and is to promote the llama industry.  Alpacas came to this country in 1990's and our group included them in the association with their owners. The best quality about our group is the support our members provide each other by education and experience.  Over the years this club has also become a very social group with life long friends.  Often our meetings are more like lunch dates...As a group, we may spend a day at Keeneland. Many times we car pool and traveled together for livestock shows, and fiber festivals.  KLAA provides many opportunities for our members to promote their animals and the industry.  Frequent post are added to our Facebook page listed under our call letters KLAA.  Join us and benefit from our experience.